Youtuber Essential Course

Day Wise  Schedule of the Worksop

Day-1 :

1.Basics of Youtube
2.How to create a Youtube Channel
3.How to set up the channel (Basic Configuration)
4.Youtube Channel Essential Settings.
5. What are Video optimization and channel marketing?
6.Common Mistakes with new Youtubers.
7.Youtube home studio setups (DIY Tips and Tricks)
4.Assignment for the next day ( Record Your Demo Video for Editing)


Day-2 :

1.How to record Video and Audio (Tips and Tricks)
2.Introduction to OBS Studio and VokoScreen
3.Introduction to Green Screen and its Basics
4.Video Editing Pre-requisite and Hands-on
5.How to get free video resources(Royalty-free music and Video)


Day-3 :

1.Hands-on Session on Video Editing in Kdenlive Software(Open Source).
2.How to record video and removing of noise (Hands-on).
3.How to add background music (Hands-on).
4.Using Green Screen with Kdenlive and OBS Studio.
5.Assignment for the next day ( Prepare your profile to make your own website)
(It will require Your nice professional pic, Your Details, Your Education Qualification and your work)


Day-4 :

1.How to choose a website platform
2.How to Make a WordPress Website (Introduction and Demo)
3.How to make Google Website (Based on Yesterday’s Assignment)
4. Google form and its power use.
5.How to create an online Quiz ( Using google form )


Day-5 :

1.How to Create a Digital Certificate
2.How to Apply timer to Exam and Check for the cheating if any.
3.Intro to how to take Online Classes
4.Question and Answer Session.