what is Cloud computing deployment models.

4 Deployment models.

  1. Private cloud
  2. Community cloud
  3. Public cloud
  4. Hybrid cloud
Private cloud :

Private cloud is a data center which is software defined.Which means you have that much hardware capability which can drive your personal or your organization’s requirements. It is generally in a virtual environment. Normally it delivers the  same advantage what the public cloud offers. basically, a private cloud is giving services to the single organization.

Community cloud :
A community cloud is a type of cloud computing services which serve its services to multiple organization which are mutually joined together. This organization has common concerns just like uses, requirements and security issues. This type of cloud can be managed by the same organization or by the third party. The benefits of this cloud are cost saving. Instead of managing the service by the individual, they can manage it together with common concern.
Example :  Consider an organization are having 10 schools  and they want to handle the data of all these schools, so this organization will subscribe the community cloud services instead of managing it individually, and they can do this task with minimum resource and less cost.
Public cloud :
A public cloud is the most popular cloud among all the deployment models. Public cloud is the best cloud computing services because it adopt the best resource management technique and high availability and security. In this deployment model, the service provider creates resource like application for the  business, storage space for the business and general users. Development environment for the developer and this model always try to minimize its customer’s expenses and resource uses. Public cloud services are  both paid services and free to use.
Example : We all are using public cloud services in our day to day life, like using google drive is the most beautiful example of the public cloud. Also we use google docs and google spreadsheet is also the services of the public cloud.
Example :
  1. Amazon AWS
  2. Microsoft
  3. Google
  4. Salesforce.com
  5. Windows azure
  6. Rackspace
  7. Google compute engine
  8. Qt cloud services
Hybrid cloud :
Hybrid cloud computing services are one of the most beautiful and cost cutting services among the four deployment model if it is used in a proper way. Hybrid cloud is a combination of more than two deployment model together to achieve a common task. In simple language, we can define the hybrid cloud as a combination of private, public and community cloud. We can understand this cloud service in a better way with this example.
Example :
Suppose an organization needs to process lots of data and they are using the private cloud but on the peak time, they feel lag in processing  time and sometimes they are  starved  of its resources. So when this situation happens, their private cloud will access the public cloud and process their data from the data which are out from their premises. Or the same organization can store the sensitive data on their own private cloud and the public data can save on the public cloud.