Virtualization…..A key to the Future Business….

Even cloud is a Buzz word of the era but the heart of this technology is the virtualization. And we know virtualization was the powerful technique to get the full advantage of the exixting hardware and can use in a optimistic way.

In 70’s and 80’s  we uses mainframe and we started to use virtualization to get more advantage of the existing resources. We know virtualization is a fastest growing infrastructure in the I.T Industries.

What are the benefits of the virtualization :-

According to my style i don't  like to explain this in a traditional manner….so will take an example to understand the same.
Example 1:-
Suppose in college we have some practicals on 8051 micro controller or 8086 microprocessor. And the number of student in a single batch is 40, So we required 40 trainer board, But we can do this using emulator of the same micro controller or microprocessor without using actual physical board. Which simply remove the boundaries on computer like difficult infrastructure deployments, Collocated computing resources, Physical movement and packaging of the resources.
It also gives the freedom to easily moving of the virtual resources from one place to another.
Example 2:-
At particular time of day suppose your power supply company take more money as a peak time charges, Then you can process your data from the place where the power charges is low.

This examples make two sense….

1.How to make your resource virtual. you are free to manage them locally logically and can relocate  the position of the resources. Also it becomes easy to adjust the response of the resources.

2.Measurement is the key to improvement. Using virtualisation you can measure or metered the services. And if you can measure it, then you can improve it.
Virtualisation also give the freedom of integration like accessing different types of hardware and a single name. Suppose we have different types of storage media but at the user end we get the single interface and no need to mesh with hardware. Then who will take care of the hardware. ? And the answer is the big dedicated team can do this for us.

Virtualization  includes:

     Visualization allow multiple virtual machines and different types of operating system to fulfill the requirements of the user. In short we try to extract good things from heterogeneous  system to Make the user end more powerful. it abstract the technology which is employed behind the entire process from the users.
which is automatically increase the performance of the business, we can concentrate more on the target  instead of worrying about the technology.
My business and cloud computing:-
Money saver:-
As we already discussed in the example of Mr Jethalal. we can reduce money of physical machine using thin client.
More control:-
    Virtualization gives freedom of flexibility which gives the power of demand response, which means we can add and remove virtual component as per requirement.
Employing 2 or more virtual server can decrease the downtime of you your server services and can quickly and easily can switch to the other server.