What is synthetic or artificial food….

Synthetic food! The fastest growing technology and a buzz word of the time. When I first time come to face this word I fill little bit annoying and later on I come to know that, most of the food in our daily life is artificial or synthetic. Just like ICE CREAM, artificial colour, artificial flavour and almost of the health drink have this concept. Yes....The artificial food.

sythetic food
artificial food

Synthetic foods are that food which is produced or manufactured by the technology using chemical composition and genetic modification or the molecular structure change. These type of food imitate the fragrance, flavour, texture and appearance just like a natural food.

genetic changes
genetic structure

Then why artificial or synthetic food......

We all are living animal and we required food to live.....is it true? Or we required chemicals to live?
The answer may differ as per time/location and person. Actually our body extract chemical from the food and that chemical support us to live.

culturing food

For example we all required protein but very little food contains complete proteins, where complete food refers to all amino acids and which is not produced by the body. And here we required the artificial food.

So how they made the protein....actually they derived it from the natural foods and it is created by combining the different food substances to make the desired texture, color and appearance.scientist can produce meat in the lab...oooh this is disgusting.....but it is cruelty free...they just culture the tissues in the lab and made the meat...instead of killing the animal.

lab meat

scientist can produce meat in the lab...oooh this is disgusting.

but it is cruelty free...they just culture the tissues in the lab and made the meat...instead of killing the animal.
One company is creating vanilla icecream just by creating a compound called vanillin to give the vanilla its flavour and they do this just by culture of synthetic yeast.

artificial flavour
synthetic icecream

Now suppose you want to make vine...then the essential ingredient you required is grape,yeast and fermentation process and you will get the vine. Now suppose some one able to make the same molecular structure in lab whatever the vine had, then its quite difficult to differentiate between the actual wine and artificial coz

in both the product you will get the same molecular structure.
Even most of the product in the market like soap and lotion contains synthetically derived biological product and gives that product the look and feel which is very resemble to the natural product.

food printing
printing food

According to the cloudyrathor one day, human can print the food just like a 3D printer....