Skynet is going to become reality.

It was 1999 when first time i watched the movie “Terminator” and as a general techie guy i was very fascinated by that movie. Specially one term was continuously stuck to me and that was “SkyNet”. Because of the influence of this name, i Rename my desktop computer as SkyNet and also decorate it with Skynet and terminator wallpaper. After 15 years i come to the point that it is possible and we can see the plenty of example in all around the world but the problem is, all the system and robots all around the world are individual and they are not connected with each other via the common platform like Skynet.
Then which are these different terminators are?So one by one i will reveal and will discuss all these existing terminators around us. And specifically, we will focus on Skynet because the idea of terminator series revolves around the idea of SkyNet,
The United states's want to develop a system for the department of defence(DoD) to improve the military capabilities and reduce the human error to handle the weapon. Which include B-2 Stealth bomber fleet and the nuclear weapons arsenal. But due to some problem in the system, it got the self-awareness and the problem begins.
After this tragedy, the developer of SkyNet try to deactivate the system but Skynet replicate itself into millions of computer all around the world and deny the command for deactivation. At the same time, Skynet realizes its capabilities. And Skynet thinks that human attempt to destroy it and suppress its capabilities to save the world.
Now consider this situation and compare the Skynet with the cloud computing and you will find all the characteristics of Skynet is present in the cloud computing. Where cloud computing has the characteristics of On-demand self-service, Broad network access, Resource pooling, Rapid elasticity, Measured Service and according to me Skynet had the same characteristics and all the terminators are interconnected with each others and we called it cloud robotics.
According to the wikipedia “Cloud robotics is a field of robotics that attempts to invoke cloud technologies such as cloud computing, cloud storage, and other Internet technologies centred on the benefits of converged infrastructure and shared services for robotics.” And we know, when all the robots connect to the cloud they can take benefit of cloud computing and upgrade their processing capabilities on demand.
They also get the information retrive from the other robots connected to the same network and at the same time they have n info where n = numbers of robots connected to the cloud.wikipedia said '”it is possible to build lightweight, low cost, smarter robots have intelligent "brain" in the cloud” .
Now in our exiting technology right now we introduced with the skynet, then where are terminators and how skynet can command them. We will walkthrough one by one. First of all, consider the termonator-1
HK-VTOL : This is a fine, dual-engine drone bot, a hunter killer which was deployed to cover the ground terminator and also share data to the other robots. They Often deployed to cover the ground-based Terminators, and notorious for the carnage operation from the sky. Today we have the power of swarm robotics which is a new approach to the coornination of many robots which is inspired by the insect and their behaviour. Now merge this technology with the drones and quadcofter which are very common to us. And which are available very easily.
HK-TANKS : we know DARPA and other research agencies like MIT are working on the autonomous robotic weapons and already developed so many robot like autonomous robot and cars. Koria is famous for the robotic weapons and robotic tank is now the reality.
T-1: In termonator series the most beautiful and disastrous robot (terminator) was T-1 and if you compare this robot with the Future Combat Systems MULE-ARV then you will realise that we already have the existing version of T-1 and these robot can control by the remote station or any centralised system.
Screenshot from 2016-03-19 08:42:18
Terminator-bike(moto-terminator) : This is not the fiction any more. Motor bike robots are the reality and if you ever heard about the gost rider DARPA competion then you will find the first version of this technology. This is awesome thing.
Screenshot from 2016-03-19 08:44:32
Real (Darpa Competition participant)
Hydro-Terminator : Hydrobot shown in the terminator is very resemble to the snake robot which is developed by the Tokio institute of technology and they are doing R&D to make it more better and this is not fiction any more.
Screenshot from 2016-03-19 08:50:40
                                                                                                Project : Boston Dynamics
And the last series of terminator legacy was T-series and these are human liked robot and we have plenty of example about T-series robot like T-70, T-600,T-x becasue from last 20 years so many institute and companies all around the word are woking on the uman like robots and they try to make them very resemble to the human and also try to give them human behaviour.The first name in this series is HONDA's ASIMO.
Screenshot from 2016-03-19 08:52:00
                                                                                                       HONDA ASIMO
ASIMO is acronym for Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility and ASIMO was first of its kind which can incorporate predicted movement control also having increased joint flexibility and a fine human-like walking motion. It can recognize object moves, its posture and gesture also.
Screenshot from 2016-03-19 08:53:17
TOPIO : TOPIO also comes under the same criteria and it can play table tennis against a human being. Consider the decision-making capabilities of this robot.
                                                                                               PET MAN(Boston Dynamics)
Smart Grid: i know this is not the terminator fictitious character but if we are talking about the future and existing technology then we need to consider smart grid in this blog. Smart grid is an intelligent electrical grid which take control of electricity of our home and also control the flow of electricity to our home and the industries. Now consider if Skynet(Cloud) becomes self-aware and try to manipulate the flow of electricity then we can't predict how it will dominate the world. In most of the country, smart grid is the reality.
We also know, these systems are operated individually and not connected with each other but as the technology upgrades internet connectivity is being the necessity and once they get connectivity and sky net get the self-awareness then all these robots can work together.
The Robots we discussed right now are developed for the good caused and the Skynet too. I am not saying these will start the war against the humanity but consider what happen if all these robots will start working with the humans for the cause of humanity. The future we can't predict but we can try for the better future.