Kumbh Mela…. A test bed for the technology.

Before talking about the Kumbh Mela lets take a look on Nasik…..


Location     :      

                             Situated in Western india in Maharashtra State. Nearly 171 Km from Mumbai and 210 Km from Pune.

Population :   

                         1.9 Million

Ranking     : 

  1. 3rd Largest City of Maharashtra after Pune and Mumbai
  2. 2nd Largest City in terms of Area.
  3. 11th most Populous district in India.
  4. 16th fastest developing city of the world.
Know for    :    
                 1.  Abode of Lord Rama during his 14 years in exile.
                 2. Located at the Bank of River Godavari.
                 3. Shiva Temple at Trimbakeshwar.
                 4.Kalaram Temple.
                 5.One of the Place of Kumbh Mela.


Now What is significance of this event and What is ‘Kumbh Mela’.
Kumbh mela  is a Hindu’s biggest pilgrim place where a huge crowd of hindu come to take a bath(Shahi Snan) In a sacred river. Which is also famous for the world’s biggest peaceful gathering of such a large amount of people. We often to say it come after every 12 year…Yes it come after 12 year, but actually it comes after every three year at four holy places of India and they are HARIDWAR,ALLAHABAD,UJJAIN and NASIK. And this year in nasik(2015). The river at this place are as follows…. Ganga, Yamuna, Shipra and Godavari at Nashik. Kumbh mela mean the fair of Pitcher.


But in this blog we will discuss about the various  technology which will be employee in this event to handle the crowd and to give the pleasant environment to the pilgrimage without any accident. Whenever we visualize the kumbh mela the first thing comes to our mind is, crowd. Now think we have limited roads, limited resources and limited people to handle them. So we need to search a technology which can handle such huge amount of crowd and can give the proper data to handle the situation and which can give proper behaviour of the crowd  using optimization method..


My investigation start some day before and i got the video on INKTalk “The platform for innovative talk ” and in this video i hear the innovative idea of Mr. Ramesh Raskar(head of the MIT Media Lab's Camera Culture research group), Mr. Sunil Khandbahale and some other people from the nasik.


1.How will you find ? your dear one. if you lose them.
They gives the idea about how they will handle or analyse the crowd of this event. They will try the data of mobile calls and they will analyse the rare and denser area of crowd,On this data they can take the right decision of crowd management as said by the Mr. Ramesh Raskar and team. The most exciting technology what i heard from them is the Mobile phone app titled “Milap”. Which will be used to find the missing people in the kumbh mela, so that no one can feel the pain of missing ones. The idea behind this app is as follows….


According to the study, around 30 million people will come to visit Nasik for kumbh mela and the possibilities of missing children increases. But this app will help to find them.
Suppose we lose someone in the Kumbh mela, the first thing we need to do is reporting about the person to the local booth. With the app, each booth had real time data of missing persons and we can search them as soon as possible. It will definitely save the time.


2.Crowd management is the new area of management where immense efforts were put into the collection and analysis of relevant data. I remember when i was in school, i saw a program on discovery channel where a group of people was working on the crowd management of the mecca. Where they do there lots of research on the flow management. Here flow mean the flow of crowd. As we know the human have some specific behaviour in a particular condition/Situation. we need to analyse this behaviour in that situation.Because measuring is the key to improvement if we can measure it we can improve it. so the question arises how we can access and gather that much data. I need to say, suppose we have number of cctv cameras, we have number of booth to collect data regarding people. But how we can collect data in such a way that we can access any data from anywhere. Although we have power of networking but it is difficult to handle that much amount of data. Then how we can do this. 
As you know I am known as cloudyRathore. so I try to give the answer of this question in my way, my idea is we can apply the power of cloud computing here we have all the cctv camera. we can connect to the cloud and we can take decision on that data in cloud, at the same time according to crowd we can take the decision of the traffic light, so we can route the flow of traffic as per the crowd and we can take a better decision on routing traffic in a particular direction, also we can store that much data in  a proper manner, so that no one can damage it. Here I am talking about the physical media(DVR/HDD). cloud computing also give the security to the data. Also provide a team of professionals to handle the data in a proper way. The processing time of the data can be reduce. The data will be available for further study.


Now imagine we have the power of cloud computing in Kumbh mela, we can do lots of stuff with the cloud computing. wherever cctv camera is connected with the cloud  and professional will monitor and process the data. The cloud can handle the traffic signal. Cloud can also handle the barrel gate and suppose any disaster happen the previous study of the data will be helpful to manage also. It will shows the analytics of savage, analytics of hotel, You can see the previous data what study already happen on the same but now led this study with the cloud computing and you will get infinite possibilities to handle big data with the  power of cloud computing.
.you can visit that report on this link
3.Instead of crow management we need to think about the connectivity of the personal mobile phone. At the time of kumbh mela we need to install more mobile tower to handle that much traffic.


4.We know people come to nasik for bath (shahi snan), so that we need to consider the pollution level of the river and need to consider the sewage management. Because most of the people not only bath in the river they also drink water. So that the byproduct of the industries need to bias.


5.Hotel Management is also the problem and we need to consider this problem by all mean.


6.Security is the big issue, so we need to consider the number of CCTV camera install and how we use this information to improve the further events. who will handle that information and monitor that information.


According to the report http://www.slideshare.net/mishra.ap/kumbh-mela-case-study-final we need to think so many things like…..PA system, CCTV camera, Street light at ghat,mobile fire fighting device, Guiding maps for the medical s/hospital,solid waste,patrolling,increase no of wards in hospital, hospitality.
I will update the post….till then have an innovative day to all of you. Please consider the grammatical mistakes if any.