Google’s Android Things 1.0 launched. The next big thing to change the world.

After two years of painful waiting, Google launched the trusted platform for the IoT product development. As an IoT lover and Innovator, I know the pain behind making any IoT Product. We just not only need to think about the functional complexity of the device but also aware about the vulnerability of the product and loop hole of the system which is not possible with the technology we are using right now because of uncertified device and patches.

From a long time we are awaiting for such platform which is light in weight and robust in security and obviously good with updations too. Now the waiting is ended after Google launches the Android-based Internet of Things platform. And they name it  "Android Things."
android things

We know that, from last couple of years Google supports some company like Intel Edison Development board and Development board like Raspberry Pi 3. Now we understand the motto behind this support. Google wants to develop easy upgrade path from development hardware to a large-scale production run.
android things

The reason behind developing this platform is very interesting. If we consider the android device we know that mostly the android devices are not secure and they need to update because the device manufacturer doesn't want to upgrade and here google do its job by providing an update to the devices and maintain the security. The same thing happens with the IoT device and we don't have the system to update the devices and here “Android Things” come into existence
android things

Android Things :

It's just another flavour of the Android operating system what we known for the Android TV, Android Automotive and other Android dedicated operating system. Here we got another flavour which is specially developed for the IoT devices just like Home automation, Weather station,Air quality monitoring and other gadgets that didn't really need a full-blown user interface like you’d find on a smartphone or laptop.

Three Pillars of Android Things :

  1. An Optimised Operating System for low-powered devices.
  2. Google Approved hardware kits.
  3. The system to Push new software and security updates to IoT devices.

Right now everyone tries to make their IoT device which is proprietary and there is no standardized way to handle all these things. With “Android Things” Developer can manage their devices via cloud-based Android Things Console. Managing Operating System, Updating Apps, Viewing analytics of the device’s overall health and performance monitoring also possible. Android Things having least capabilities as compared to the Android for Mobiles and very specific to the device comes under IoT.

Security :

As we already talk about the security of the devices many developers used to release their IoT products without security concern and without any mechanism to take the remedial action on exploit of the vulnerability where “Android Things” is a win-win situation for the manufacturer and customers too.

Safety first

From a security perspective, Android Things is a welcome development. For far too long now, device manufacturers have been releasing IoT products with insecure default settings and no prospect of performing any long-term security maintenance.
internet of things

Supports :

Android Things come with long-term support for three years and right now it supports some hardware like NXP i.MX8M, Qualcomm SDA212, Qualcomm SDA624 and MediaTek MT8516 and also it will get stable and security patches on a regular basis as LTS agreement.

So the benefits of this platform are obvious and it also helps the world to go to the zenith of IoT and it can help to maintain the security of the devices. While writing this blog I remember one dialogue from the Movie Terminator Genisys “Remember Genisys is Skynet!!!” I am kidding ?…..If you like the blog like it and share it too. you can enjoy this blog too..... IoT Sensing the world

Courtesy : Google Blog