Free Antivirus 2017. Is your antivirus really guards you ?

Virus is a very common term we heard in our day to day life and  if you are windows user then it is too annoying for you,and it stucks you more, when your machine is not equipped with a good antivirus. According to CNN Nearly 1 million new malware threats released every day.
While purchasing computer, Expert recommend you to install a good antivirus. But question is which is good antivirus, is the costlier antivirus gives better security or a cheaper antivirus. Actually this is not the right question. The question is, which type of security you want ?
In this blog i am going to talk about the home users and students. When first time i purchased my computer i was advised by my computer dealer to purchase an antivirus with very low price. But after some time i realised that my system is still infected and i try for the free antivirus and found its working fine and removed almost virus of my pc which purchased antivirus can’t.
I am not saying that buying an antivirus is not good.But purchasing a right antivirus is an good idea. But maintaining better security from free antivirus is a super idea.
Here i am giving you list of some free and cloud antivirus for the sake of knowledge and download.
List of Free antivirus :
  1. Panda cloud antivirus
  2. AVG Antivirus 
  3. Zonealarm Antivirus
  4. Stinger Antivirus Tool
  5. ClamWin /clamav
  6. BitDefender Antivirus
  7. Avast Antivirus
  8. Microsoft Security Essentials
These are some antivirus i personally used and i will tell about this one by one. It’s on you which is best for your computer as per your work.
When first time i heard about this antivirus, i download it from facebook link it was the promotional link and got the setup of just 5 MB. But when i installed it on my office machine it’s really worked and it searched for 667 virus.i was surprised and instructed all my student not to use pen drive without scanning it on my machine. In one month i scanned 213 pen drive and out of this all virus only 9 virus was untreated. Its really a good technology where you just need to install a small setup which is light in weight and do not require any updation.The only thing is, you need to be online.It also worked in offline mode but it detect more virus when it is online.
In the list of free antivirus AVG comes first. This antivirus is having good virus definition and state of the art tools. It comes with free antivirus for window, android and Mac OS with beautiful Zen dashboard to protect everything on single screen and as per the other antivirus i also have automatic security update.
This is one of my favourite antivirus product. You can get trial version of the same but firewall offered by the zonealarm is free and you and install to make your computer safe in network. If you are the part of LAN in office or any organization then it will be more beneficial for you.
This firewall learn from you and remember the action you took for the next relevant attack. I personally used this firewall and protect by computer from the brute force and DOS attacks in the network.
If you are already a victim of trojans and worms and your current antivirus is not able to remove it, then download this tool and i am sure you will get better result. This tool is specially made for trojans and worm and it perform it duty well.
Its really a free antivirus and used by more than 600,000 users all over the world. The best thing about this antivirus is it’s simple UI it do what it made for. It have high detection rate and scanning scheduler. Along with this it also come for the linux OS which is one of the most trusted antivirus for the linux users.
While googling on the internet for the best antivirus or top ten antivirus you will find the name of bitdefender. Of Course it’s a best antivirus having plenty of tweaking tools bundled with the package.Bitdefender also gives lots of services for the mobile also. It also have mobile antivirus but in trial form. If you want the best security and have good budget, then just go with bitdefender. It’s awesome antivirus.
It will not be hype if i say Avast is the most popular antivirus of the world. Just like other antivirus as we already discussed, it also have good antivirus signature definition database. But if i talk about the free antivirus then according to me most of the people uses Avast antivirus, its pro version is too good, obviously it a paid version. It have inbuilt firewall , anti spam and anti hijack protection.
If you are a windows user, it mean you are security conscious and you need to think about the security of your computer/laptop. of course there are  lots of update given by the microsoft and if that updates are that enough and we no need to install the third party antivirus software. But this is not the case we need to install an extra antivirus in our machine.
Microsoft security essentials is a product for free and you can download it from internet.This service is for virus,spyware and malicious software. In windows 8 it work like in built program, but if you are using old version of the windows like windows xp, vista, windows-X then you can use this service.