Five Way to live a happy life

In the world of competition, all are running behind material comforts. Everyone is toiling for fulfilling their wants. Yet, after receiving all the comforts people find themselves not completely happy. After having everything still, they are not happy. Then if we ponder over such situation, we can conclude that it is not only material things which make life worth living, in fact, more than things we need to concentrate on thoughts which make life worth living.

To improve and concentrate over such thought process, here are the best 5 secret ways through which we can control are thoughts, minds and finally which can lead to happy life.

Expect from self:

The problem is, we expect from others and that mostly hurts, and if we start expecting from self eventually we start improving and living. It is the self-talk which is the secret as, with interaction with self, we are meeting the most important person in life that is the own mind.

Be with nature:

If we be with materialistic world of things we feel dishearten, whereas if we be with nature and travel in nature, we get refresh. It is nature which fills up life and minds with energy. The secret is that the calmness of nature makes mind calm and soul happy.

Reading quality books:

There is no replacement to the learning from the experience in the real world. As, by reading and learning through different lives, we can improve those of ours. Reading ignites thought process and it also gives us the direction to think in certain direction. The secret is reading Inspirational and motivational biographies as, by reading about quality people we start developing ourselves.

Spending time with like-minded people:

There are few people in world with whom we love to share and who can understand our life. Once known, these people can lead to happy life. Being selective about people and choosing friends wisely can surely lead to a happy and calm life.


Passion is the soul’s call, it make the mind work in a creative way. Only passionate people can add to the creativity in any field. The people who work in the fields as per their own passion enjoy their work and come up with creative output. The secret is to find our own passion and work in the same field. These passionate way can lead to the happy life.

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