Cloud computing is Hype!!!

Many time i was questioned by the student that cloud computing is the Hype or reality. Is it a new thing..? and a debate started….. Some of them said its a old product in new packets and some says its a  client server model and Grid Computing and Parallel Computing blah blah blah……
So what it is actually……
Before talking about the Cloud Computing we need to know the different supporting technologies or which are very relevant to the cloud computing.... So lets start with the Grid Computing…
Grid Computing :
In simple Grid Computing is the collection of computer which are situated at different place to solve a single problem or To Reach a common goal More than one computer employed. But Grid Computing Uses Non Interactive workload and Huge numbers of file. It is heterogeneous and also geographically dispersed in nature. Mean to say, The number of computer processed the job to fulfill a single task. Now Consider What happen if we can able to join all the mobile devices to each other and make a big grid, then consider how much processing power we will have. Normally It uses the concept of Distributed Computing where a middleware do the job of joining them together.
Example :-
                  I know one example which i used from last 10 year. actually i am the member of this project. And it is SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). Where SETI@HOME  is an Internet Based Public Volunteer Computing Program where you can donate your Processing power to the Berkely University to do research on the Space, Space Science and Different Computer Intensive Research to do the Analysis of Signal Coming from the Space.
Distributed Computing :
As the name suggest, The distributed computing is the software system which computers are located apart from each other but make a illusion of single computer by passing messages to each other. Normally in distributed computing all the computing machine work with each other and coordinate by passing the messages to achieve a common goal.
Example :
              We often to use distributed computing when we play multiplayer games and never think about the technology behind the same.Multiplayer Games is the best example of Distributed Computing. SOA (Service-Oriented architecture)  uses architectural pattern in which application component  provide services to other components using messages.
Utility Computing :
Utility computing is somewhat similar to our cable TV services where service provider company gives their services to the customer as per demand. We often to say On demand services and also charged the customer for the services. The services offered may be in the form of Computation, storage, and other services. The utility computing is very closed to cloud computing.
Cluster Computing :
Cluster mean a group of similar things. A Cluster Computing is the collection of loosely or tightly connected computer which work together which gives the illusion of single high performance computer.The cluster computer used to perform a single task with high performance computing. This can be achieved by connecting all the computer via high performance LAN (Local Area Network) where every computer runs their instance of OS.
Then what Cloud Computing is not…?
Cloud computing is not Utility computing because  cloud computing not always uses metered services and it uses distributed and virtualized platform, where utility computing uses centralised resources.  Okay.....then it is client server computing....and and my answer to this question is no because if it is client server computing then we need to know about the server and its location but in this case will not stephen server not also the location of this is sir client server computing......okay... Can definitely it will be the grid computing it is grid computing then we know grid computing grid computing never uses distributed virtual machines these machines are usually concentrate on a single job or very large task.
Bengali sales cloud computing is a utility computing for software as a service but we know software as a service is managed by particular organisation and utility computing give the service is very specific. So can we say it is a virtualisation. We know about the virtualisation and we're using this from last 50 years in mainframe technology so how is it possible that what will be the cloud computing answer to this question is again no because heart of Cloud computing it's not a cloud computing...
OMG....Then what it is......
I.T industries always believed on standardization so we have a very standard and very specific definition of cloud computing by national institute of standards and technology(NIST) and according to NISTCloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model is composed of five essential characteristics, three service models, and four deployment models
So it have Three Deployment Model :
And Three Service Model :
1.SaaS(Software as a Service)
2.PaaS(Platform as a Service)
3.IaaS(Infrastructure  as a Service)
Now Decide yourself….Is it Hype or boon for the I.T industries…..

In my next blog i will tell you . How you can make your Own Private cloud and use it for file sharing.Till then Have an innovative day to you. Plz suggest the improvements if any by comments.