Cloud computing and Its benefit to my bussiness……

Cloud computing :-

It was 2011 when first time i heared about this term “Cloud Computing. Actually one of my friend from electrical engineering told me about this technology and told me the benefits of this technology in the field of “Smart Gridbut as a normal computer guy i ignore the same and thought it may be a hype by a non computer literate person and thought how one can process the data in cloud. But i was wrong. After some day this term strike again to me. When i saw an article in the local news paper regarding Enlight Cloud by ESDS Pvt Ltd. And then i got seriousness about this technology and start to search about this on net...but it was my fate, i got the first video on the youtube which is regarding cloud computing and that was titled “Cloud Computing explained by Former IT Commissionerand you know, i was shocked to know about this have to watch the same.

That video make my day happy. and gives me the new energy to know about this technology and tell my student about this technology “Right information about cloud computing not like Vishwa bandhu gupta”.

As i read about the cloud computing technology i found, there are lots of hype and confusion about this technology.We will discuss about this later.


Now come to the point and lets make a quality discussion on what exactly the cloud computing is…..and what it is not.Lets understand the same by taking an example.

Using this technology one can open its I.T business in very low budget.Lets take a look….

Example :-

Suppose Mr.Jethalal wants to open his cyber cafe.The first thing he need to purchase is some Computers. then….Operating system. then...Word Processing Software blah blah blah…..”I am talking about original software.if we calculate the cost of this setup, then 10 PC will charged will be up to 120000 + one Windows 7 is around 5000+ word processing + auxiliary charges. And Jethalal will drop the idea…….Now think in another way….Now you have the power of cloud computing then using THIN CLIENT you can get the powerful computing on can also get the online OS on rent, you have word processing on the rent and you can get IDE to developed the software on rent and can deploy it on net. and important thing is its all in your budget.

To start the journey of cloud computing first we need to discuss about cloud computing history…..

Well….From a decades I.T industries want a solution by which they can give their services on the rent….just like Cable T.V and they get the solution in form of cloud computing…..

First i want to tell you what i understand about the cloud computing...Cloud computing is the way to use the distributed network in which it uses virtual resources and which can be accessed by the common internet(Existing) protocols or using networking standards…

The concept behind the cloud computing is serving the resources in such a way that, it looks like a virtual and limitless but the source of the physical terminal must be hidden or abstracted from the user.In cloud computing user never knows about the location of the physical machine which is giving service to him/her.

Type of Cloud computing…


Basically the services of cloud computing is divided into three types…and they are as follows.

1.SAS(Software as a Service)

2.PAS(Platform as a Service)

3.IAAS(Infrastructure as a Service)

Not limited to the above only….

The heart of this technology is two important concept…

1. Abstraction

2. Virtualization

Here we are talking about cloud computing so, The abstraction mean hiding the actual location of the physical machine.

You are unaware about the location or media where your data is to be stored also who will admin you system.It may be handled by the third party which is best in this sector.

And Virtualization mean making a pool of hardware and allow it as per the use you can say accessed on metered basis. Means you need to pay for the services which you are going to use.

Two basic type of cloud computing……

  1. Deployment Model

  2. Service Model

Deployment Model :

Its refers to the location and the way of management.

Service Model :

Its gives the notion of services which will be offered by cloud.

As we know any technology can't be survive untill it will be standardised. In year 2011 NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) gives the defination and make it standard.

I will give more details like how to make your own cloud,what are the easy method to make your self made cloud in our next blog till then Have an innovative day to all of you!!!!!!!!!