Characteristics of cloud computing-Essential characteristics

Characteristics of cloud computing-Essential characteristics

5 essential characteristics.

  1. On-demand self-service
  2. Broad network access
  3. Resource pooling
  4. Rapid elasticity
  5. Measured Service
5 essential characteristics.
On-demand self-service :
On-demand self-service provides resources on demand, that mean if you are the owner of a website having huge traffic and high database uses and suddenly your website will start starving for resources at peak time and there would be demand for extra resources to fulfill the customer’s requirement,which is not the same in case of cloud computing. Cloud services will automatically do this for you, and you just need to pay as per the usages without any human intervention.

Broad network access :

Obviously, the cloud computing and its services are all about internet and networks, so to get more benefits from this technology in efficient and better way, we need a broad network access.Because if network has low latency means it has better productivity.So the braod network access could be considered as the heart of this technology.

Resource pooling :
It’s a common term generally used in I.T, when service provider serves their customer and “tenants” with minimum and optimistically arranged computing resource in such a way that they can give better services in less cost or using better resource management strategy. But this pooled services is not limited to the users.
Rapid elasticity :
What is the most interesting thing of cloud computing and the key factor of the cloud computing ? is Rapid elasticity. Then what’s this elasticity mean. Now take an example. Suppose you and your friend are taking benefits of the cloud services but the difference is, you are working on the high-end application and use the tremendous resource, but your friend using the same service for the word processing. In this situation cloud services will utilise only that much power which you really want. so it’s a real way to optimise the resource and it is beneficial for both customer and for the service provider.
Measured Service :
As the name suggest, The measured services are those services which are measured or monitored in the context of billing, usage, utilization and for predictive planning. One positive aspects of measured services are, it gives the prediction regarding utilization of the resources and user need to pay only for the resources which are utilised by him. So there is no need to pay for the idle time or down time(Where ideally down time of cloud computing is 0%)