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Best laptop for Programmer under 35K

Being a programmer I know the pain of a slow and Laggy machine. Programming is all about the attitude which builds when you are in a good mood but a slow machine can take off your mood.

Sometimes we spent a lot of money to purchase the high configuration machine but due to improper configuration, the machine never gives us the same performance which we used to expect from the laptop.

In this blog, I will tell you about some laptops which are low in budget but good in performance. So be ready to explore the world of high-performance laptops under 30k to 35k.

A Normal Programmer machine must be equipped with a nice RAM and better processor with nice battery backup and that's enough but if your machine is equipped with SSD instead of mechanical Hard Disk then still gives better performance with 4GB RAM

Never Think about the brand if you are a technical person...Think about the hardware inside the machine and local service stations in your area, in case of service.

The terminology you need to know to understand the game of performance…

  • SSD

SSD stands for the Solid-state device and this a new generation storage device which is about 5-10 times faster than HDD because there is not a mechanical component inside it.

  • HDD

HDD stands for Hard Disk Drive and this is a conventional Storage device which is slower than SSD and it contains mechanical disk and motor which is slow and consumes more power but is cheaper than HDD as per the storage volume.

  • RAM

It stands for Random Access Memory and it's one of the fastest memory of the computer and near to the processor. This piece of hardware loads the Operating system application and is able to retrieve as quickly as possible. So more the RAM faster the computer.


This is the heart of the computer, in short, the fastest and more processor in your computer or laptop will lead the machine towards faster performance.


Graphics card is a dedicated processor for the graphics need of your computer or laptop. If your laptop doesn't have a graphics card then all the burden is taken by the processor like processing the graphics and processing the data of the application.So if you have a better processor, it means you have better graphics experience.


You are using a laptop and the basic difference between laptop and desktop is, you can carry your laptop with you and the battery is responsible to keep this laptop alive for several minutes. So better the battery means better laptop experience.

1.ASUS VivoBook 14 X409UA-EK362TS

I personally recommend this laptop because of its price and the configuration of the machine. It comes with i3 intel processor with the power of 7th generation and light in weight, just 1.60 KG.

Configuration  :

  • PROCESSOR        : Core i3
  • RAM                      : 4 GB (DDR4)
  • HARD DISK        : 256 GB (Flash Memory Solid State)
  • BATTERY            : Lithium Ion
  • SCREEN SIZE    : 14.0" (16:9) LED-backlit FHD
  • WEIGHT             : 1.60 KG
  • PRICE                 : Rs. 31,990 (Please check the current cost from the link below)

This laptop comes with an SSD with 4GB RAM and that's why its performance is better as compared to the other laptop of this range.

You can get this laptop on amazon by clicking on the link below

I will give it 3.5 cloudy Star


2.HP 14 Pentium GOLD 

As we know HP is known for its ruggedness and toughness. If you believe in long lasting performance then go for the HP. But here is a twist, this laptop is equipped with Pentium Gold/G Processor and if we compare this processor with the Intel i3 we come to realize they have exactly the same but little difference in some features with the Intel i3. Some features in Pentium Gold are disabled for the budget systems.

This laptop comes with a 14” display with the below configurations.

Configuration  :

  • PROCESSOR        : Intel Pentium Gold 4417U (2.3 GHz, 2 MB SmartCache)
  • RAM                       : 4 GB (DDR4)
  • HARD DISK          : 256 GB (Flash Memory Solid State)
  • BATTERY             : Lithium Ion
  • SCREEN SIZE     : 14.0" (16:9) LED-backlit FHD
  • WEIGHT              : 1.47 KG
  • PRICE                  : Rs. 27,990 (Please check the current cost from the link below)

Ok, you are now thinking about the processor but with this cost, we are getting the same type of processors like i3 and which is equipped with 4 GB RAM and SSD of 256 GB. So don't worry about its performance.

I will give it 3 cloudy Star

3.HP 14 8th Gen Intel Core i3 Processor

This laptop is good in look and stunning and stylish body look with HP’s ruggedness and its durability with Intel Core i3 Processor and powered by 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD and this laptop is the very right choice for the programmer. Even this laptop is a very nice choice for the Android Programmer ( Which required a very much high-performance laptop ) this laptop having the configuration of.

Configuration  :

  • PROCESSOR        : Core i3 8130U
  • RAM                       : 8 GB (DDR4)
  • HARD DISK          : 256 GB (Flash Memory Solid State)
  • BATTERY              : Lithium Ion
  • SCREEN SIZE      : 14.0" (16:9) LED-backlit FHD
  • WEIGHT               : 1.47 KG
  • PRICE                    : Rs. 34,990 (Please check the current cost from the link below)

This laptop has triple benefits which contains i3 processor, 8 GB RAM and having DDR4 performance with SSD of 256 GB so this is value for money and win-win situation.

I will give it 4.5 cloudy Star


4.ASUS VivoBook 15 X512FA

This laptop is having the same configuration and configuration which is found in the above laptop but if you don't like the HP style and look and require nice durability then you can switch for this laptop. This laptop also comes with i3 processor and 4GB(DDR4 RAM and having 256GB SSD but it have the larger screen as compared to the above laptop and that is HP 14 8 GEN. It will give you this configuration. But it has only 2 cell battery of 47 watt-hours.

Configuration  :

  • PROCESSOR        : Core i3 (8th Gen)
  • RAM                       : 4 GB (DDR4)
  • HARD DISK          : 256 GB (Flash Memory Solid State)
  • BATTERY              : Lithium Ion(2 Cell)
  • SCREEN SIZE       : 15.6"
  • WEIGHT                 : 1.7 KG
  • PRICE                      : Rs. 35,885 (Please check the current cost from the link below)

I will give it 3 cloudy Star

5.HP 15 db1060au

This laptop has the power of an AMD processor and if you are a technical person you know AMD never does advertisement of the product, they are known for their performance and quality. This laptop is powered by Ryzen3 3200U and also it has 4GB and 1TB HDD, it means this laptop has SSD for the operating system and 1TB HDD for storage and this is a win-win situation so this is the best laptop of the list.

Configuration  :

  • PROCESSOR        : AMD Ryzen3 3200U
  • RAM                       : 4 GB (DDR4)
  • HARD DISK          : 256 SSD + 1TB HDD
  • BATTERY             : Lithium Polymer batteries(3 Cell)
  • SCREEN SIZE     : 15.6"
  • GRAPHICS          : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  • WEIGHT              : 1.7 KG
  • PRICE                  : Rs. 34,490 (Please check the current cost from the link below)

I will give it 5 cloudy Star

For your convenience I am giving the amazon link here so you can purchase the laptop from amazon.