A small chip is boon to IoT lover….small,cheap and simple..

Nowadays working on the internet of things projects are very easy due to slim design and easy to program the board coz of user-friendly IDE of the developing board like Arduino. Arduino is awesome and easy to work on and anyone with little programming skill can programme the board and can do lots of stuff with the same.


But it getting hectic when you just want to read the parameter just by a single sensor or what to play with some LED. Arduino mini and micro version are good for these project but these are not that much smaller to accommodate in a small space and more thing we need to consider is its power consumption.

In this situation, we have a small microcontroller which can solve the problem of space and power and this is ATtiny 85. But every good thing has some problems too. And this microcontroller is not that much popular due to its way of programming just like Arduino and other development board. It also has 8kb of memory which is not that much to give the extra room for the bootloader and that is why we need to program this chip externally. There are so many ways to program this chip. One easy way is by using Tiny AVR Programming kit but you can programme the same with the help of Arduino Uno too.

ATTiny 85 having 8 pins,So as per the module the Pins are as follows…

2.Analog Input 3 ref as 3
3.Analog input 2 ref as 4
5.PWM/AREF/MOSI ref as 0
6.PWM/MISO ref as 1
7.Analog input 1 ref as 2
8.Vcc(5 v)

This small chip has two analog outputs and three analog inputs and good thing is, we can use the analog pin for Pulse Width Modulation(PWM) where pin no 8 is VCC, pin no 4 is ground and pin no 1 for reset.

So if we want to write the code in Arduino IDE for spinning a brushless motor of the small plane then the code will look like….

int PWM_PIN = 0;
for (int i=0; i<=255; i++)
analogWrite(pwmPin, i);
To make the IoT project simple, small and cheap we can use this small wonder. Its a boon for the IoT lover and geek like me. Stay tune, share like and comments if you like it…..see you next time.