A $9 Computer is going to become reality by C.H.I.P Computer

The Era of Cheap Computing……By C.H.I.P Computer.
It was 2002 when I bought my first computer. Before that I make a  survey to the market for price, and finally got the same. I got my first computing machine from Hyderabad because it was Rs.5000 cheaper than the other market and I was very happy and told my friend proudly about this smart purchase.
But today i laugh at me when I remember that event, I laugh. because I got that configuration for Rs. 32000 and after 5 year my friends got the double configuration cheaper than my smart purchase . But it’s a rule of IT and Moore’s law. According to him “The number of transistor per square inch on integrated circuit had doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented”. He predicts that this trend will continue for the foreseeable years. So instead of waiting for the better hardware/configuration, go with the present market
Then how cheaper you imagine a computer will be….. I think we are not able to answer this question at the moment. But we can predict with the new computer which is going to be the big news of the upcoming years…….And its name is C.H.I.P Computer. A group of young people currently seeking funding on kickstarter, for their upcoming computer titled C.H.I.P which is cheap with respect to price and fast with respect to size. This computer is just bigger than a normal matchbox but having good processing power with processor 1Gz with 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of storage. Also have inbuilt Wifi and Bluetooth in it. So that we can connect keyboard and Mouse wirelessly.
This computer runs Linux Operating system but user friendly version. And you can install number of free apps like libreOffice and Chromium browser to surf the internet. Now you are eager to listen its price, So it price will be only $9 as per the Kickstarter. If they will be successful in making this computer, then buying this super cheap computer is not a big deal. Then you can connect it to your television and do the lots of stuff with it.
Currently the group asked for a modest $50,000 on kickstarter , and they got $700,000 in five days only. After all a good project always get the funding. The first C.H.I.P will be available to you in the month of December but you need to wait for the May 2016 for its full version. And if every things goes as per the plan, the world will get their first super cheaper handy computer which can be carry in pocket and you can connect it any T.V set or monitor to do your work.
But it will be most excited for the project maker because it is much cheaper than the raspberry Pi and also gives the abilities of fully working computer.
Who can use this computer :
Well this computer can be use by anyone but the most beneficial of this computer will be Students, Teachers , Gadget makers , Inventors and general people.
Now we can just wait for the product and generate the idea for the upcoming project. It will also gives the alternate to the THIN Client.Because the current rate of THIN CLIENT is about $20(Aprox) so it will be very cheaper as a alternative to Thin Client and you can still process your data when internet goes down or cloud goes for maintainance.
It will be best suited for your small bussiness or KPO.....So get ready for the future and wait for the C.H.I.P