5 Apps for Parents to keep child safer

As we know this is the era of communication and technology and obviously we are addicted to the mobile phone and our kids too. As a parent I know the pain of giving your mobile phone to your kids and waiting for the same. Some time we we tell the kids about battery draining , internet unavailability and bla bla...but kids are kids and we need to give them our phone and we know the attachment of youtube and our children, some time they accidently opens some video which we don't want they suppose to open and here the problem begins.Some time they even install some app via advertising and which is dangerous for the mobile app security.

These are some mobile app which can make your mobile phone a safer place for your children and you too.

1.Youtube Kids :   

    So as the name suggest this is the Youtube app which is specially developed for the kids. Every time when we give our mobile phone to the children we worried about the links and the video we don't want they supposed to open or which is not made for the childrens like hatred video or porn stuff, so this is the app which shows the video which is only made for the children. You can even set the age group to this app.This app is equipped with parental control features, and filtering of videos deemed inappropriate viewing by kids 12 and under.

The most favourite feature of this app is, its come up with parental control where you can only show the hand picked videos for the child and even children can select it from the menu.you can even block the category of the video.You can even set timer to set limits on how long your kid can watch the videos.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_f66kXGFOk[/embedyt]

2.Kaspersky SafeKids :

    As we are aware about the increasing threats of the smartphone so this is a big responsibility for us as parents to keep the smart phone safe especially when its in kids hands.Childrens used to click on some critical permission which supposed not to be permitted on the phone.To Guard the phone from such situations you can use the Kaspersky safe kids app. This is a paid app but having some nice advantages. After installing the app, it will ask for the pin and which is used to make your phone from unauthorized access.Here you can define the rules to use the mobile phone.This app is also available for free.

3.Prevent accidental purchases :

    Some time children accidently purchase the stuff while handling the mobile and it will be severe if the amount is big.To prevent from this you need to go to Android Play Store and click on the parent guide and where you will find the entire instruction to guard from accidental purchases.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZM7-PDLQbI[/embedyt]

4.Kid Mode On - Child Lock :

    This mobile app gives you all what you are expecting from it.when kids ask for mobile to play and you need to give them at any cost but at the same time you bother about the safety of the same, then no need to worry just activate the kid mode and this app will guard your mobile.

Because of the feature to hide the sensitive app for the child now you can show only those apps which is safer for the kids. The Launcher can only exist by the password and that's why kids can't bypass this launcher and it will show only app which you handpicked for the childrens.

Some features of the app are as follows :

  1. You can make your custom launcher (Home Screen) for the restriction.
  2. Display only those apps which is approved by you.
  3. It blocks the home screen ,  sensitive notification and also system main menu.
  4. Its act like a wall between your personal data and childs.
  5. The interface is very easy.

5.Top Rhymes for Kids :

    This app is for the children 6 years, which contains a collection of Rhymes for Nursery and preschools, this app can engage your child and also teach them poems and rhymes for free. As per the app maker this app is safe for the children and having easy navigation which is designed for the kids.

It contains 50+ Rhymes.

So the technology is curse or boon is depends on us and the way we use the same.So avoiding the mobile phone is not possible for us but using these technology in limits will definitely gives us the pleasure of using it.