10 Things to do before you leave the college….

 With few days remaining to leave your college and more ahead, all you want is to look back someday & say - “Yes i did that”. So here's a list of few crazy yet innovative things you can do to make last days memorable.
  1. Take a trip with besties.....

Tell your crush the truth- Simple ,clear and authentic one. Don't force things on her, make her feel confortable & happy about it.
Take selfies with teachers- Although a bit risky- but last days are worth risky
Offer your peons some sweet gift- That they wil remember forever.
Prepare an emotional & funny farewell speech- That will have a long lasting impact over your junior ,class & teachers
Take a late night walk in your college- for sure you need to be a Boy for that (o offence but just some bare truth) just explore the beauty that your college is.
Write a letter to your crush- old Schools but still youcan make this count if you have that things to pour out your heart.
Keep something with you which actually belonged to your college.- With this i might land your people in trouble , but its worth it let it be as small as a “PLUM BOB” butjust keep it as a memory
Maintain a dairy – Yeah. Quite silly. But belive me- This will paint back again and again your college days in the upcoming future
Make a Pact – Remember the three musketeers from ZNMD & their pact of bachelor trip to spain ?? Well now is the time to make something seroiusly crazy pact that will give you a reason to meet your friends.
-Prashik Mohan Waghmare